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Past Issues

Below you'll find past issues of Preaching Magazine, including table of contents linking to each story.
FEATURESPreaching the Unseen World: An Interview with Jack Grahamby Michael Duduit'Keep Yourselves in the Love of Christ': Preaching in Judeby Rob O'LynnPreaching Prayer: An Interview with Max Lucadoby Michael DuduitCurbing...
Preaching Magazine, Vol. 29, No. 6
FEATURESPreaching the Word: An Interview with David Jeremiahby Michael DuduitThe Preachers of Houstonby Michael DuduitThe 2013 Preaching Survey of the Year's Best Books for Preachersby R. Albert Mohler Jr.Preaching's 2013...
FEATURESYouVersion, Series Planning and Learning from Samson: An Interview with Craig Groeschelby Michael DuduitPreaching from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Appropriating the Star Wars Myth for the Pulpitby Joshua HaysArchers,...
Table of Contents FEATURES: Preaching in the Face of Suffering: An Interview with Max Lucado, What Can Preachers Learn from Billy Graham?, Sermon Whittling: Learn to Edit Before You Preach
Table of Contents FEATURES: Hearing God's Yes: An Interview with Mike Glenn, Consider the Seed, Creature of the Word: An Interview with Eric Geiger, Prophet, Priest or Stand-Up Comedian: The Priestly Role of the Sermon
Table of Contents FEATURES: Learning from My Mistakes, When the Preacher Gets Discouraged, Preacher, You're Fired! Surviving Forced Termination, Illustrating the Truth, Buildings Speak
Table of Contents FEATURES: The 2012 Preaching Survey of the Year's Best Books for Preachers, The Year's Best Books on Preaching, Preaching Through the Bible in One Year, Preaching that Encourages Peace and Safety in the...
Table of Contents FEATURES: Preaching out of Suffering: An Interview with Tulllijian Tchvidjian, Feeding and Leading the Flock, Preaching with Video, 7 Ways to Improve Your Preaching Using YouTube
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