Thanksgiving-Themed Movies

What movie titles could you think of that fit with Thanksgiving?

Bumper Sticker Wisdom

This bits of wisdom inspire us as we drive along.

More Funny T-Shirt Slogans

What our T-shirts proclaim says a lot about us.

A Surprising Side Dish

One restaurant patron was served more than he wanted to chew.
As I was saying
Quotes that would have been better off unsaid.

And finally Now I know why I love Italian scientists

Eating pizza twice a week could reduce the risk of cancer.

Back Page Pulpit The Most Tremendous Sermon. Ever.

Holy Moses, no self-esteem problem here.

25 exercises that require no exercise

Ready for a workout that doesn’t require actual physical exercise?
And finally . . .This Takes the Cake
This burglar was caught red-handed – or at least frosting-handed.

This Is Your Captain Speaking…

A little humor goes a long way in airline travel.

And Finally Driving Has Gone to the Dogs

First it was lost homework, and now it's poor driving we can blame on our canines.

Thanks, Yogi!

Sometimes there is brilliance in the understatement.