Things to Say on a Stressful Day

When you're stressed, find a way to see the humor in your situation.

All Fun and Games Til Someone Wins

Wife has decided to run against her husband for his council seat.

Why God Created Eve

God created women on purpose for a purpose.

Not to Envy a Criminal Mind

If you're going to be a criminal, at least be an intelligent one.

A Kid’s-Eye View of Love and Marriage

Kids provide honest viewpoints regarding love and marital relationships.

And Finally: Snack + Nap = Jail

It seems an intruder should have a plan other than snacking and napping before going to jail.

One-Line Truths

Truth generally is obvious, so why are we so taken by it when we hear it spoken?

And Finally: Say What?

History has been don't rely on your memory or best guess.

Things You Wish Star Wars Characters Would Say

Wouldn't it be clever if your favorite Star Ways characters were to say...

And Finally: Miscalculated Catnap

We're betting he doesn't nod off on the job again anytime soon.

More Thoughts to Consider

There's almost always a humorous way to view or express your perspective.

Back Page Pulpit: Sermons over an Open Flame

Who knew barbecue and preaching had so much in common?