And the athlete says...

About the upcoming season, New Orleans Saint RB George Rogers remarked...

Armed and Escaped

First it was Free Willy – now it’s Free Inky!

And Finally More than 9 lives

A cat saved its family by raising the alarm after it touched off a fire.
Disclaimers That Should Be on Those Toys
Disclaimers That Should Be on Those Toys

You’re Not a Kid Anymore When

Do any of these signs of maturity point to you?

When Calories Don’t Count

Exactly when are those times when calories simply should not matter?

Hymns for Every Occupation

What favorite hymn best describes a day in your professional life?

Things You Probably Won’t Hear Your Wife Say Any Time Soon

Do you ever dream of hearing your wife say something such as this?

Driving Hymns

Here's a little music to drive by...assuming you might be speeding.

More Church Bulletin Bloopers

Church bulletins can be some of the most entertaining reading available.

Laws of Computing

Billed as saving us time in our work, computers often cause more in frustration.

Back Page Pulpit Which Preacher Are You?

What's your personality and preaching style according to Facebook?