Improving Your Points
Crafting the points of your sermon is important.
Kids on Angels
Children often have a unique perspective on spiritual matters.
And Finally: Picture the Evidence
Crime is its own reward...sort of.
Learning to Live
It takes a lifetime to learn to live well.

New Year's Resolutions from Erma Bombeck

Humorist and author Erma Bombeck made sensible resolutions.

The Miracle of Life on Earth

The existence of life on our planet testifies to an intelligent Creator God.

A Preacher’s Resolutions for the New Year

Planning your preaching and ministry for 2015

And Finally: Robber Leaves Impression

Criminals seldom are the brightest folks out there.

The Enduring One

Christ was, is and always will be the Sovereign Creator God who lives to make intercession for us and redeem us for Himself.
Back Page Pulpit: Going for the Record
Preachers can set goals and records as easily as athletes and other competitors.

Saturday Nights are NOT for Sermon Planning

Planning and preparing for Sunday in advance will alleviate having to work on Saturday nights.

Preaching with Grace

Grace is a broad concept that should fill the preacher's heart, as well as the sermon.