And Finally Paid to Wait

Who knew waiting could reap such dividends?

The Book of Ax

While accurate in some occasions, wouldn't it be more effective to preach from God's book of mercy and grace?

5 Steps to High-Definition Leadership

How could taking these 20 steps enable you to become a high-definition leader in your ministry?

How the Digital Age Helps Us Pray

God speaks to us through his Word, the Bible. Amazingly, we have the privilege of speaking to God through prayer. Learn how digital applications can actually help us pray.

Preaching and Poetics

What are the benefits of including poetry in your sermonic efforts?

5 Steps to Creating a Teaching Culture in Your Church

What are Brian Houston's 30 points for strong teaching?

Preaching the Great Exchange

HB Charles Jr. explains the one component necessary in trading death for eternal life.

What Makes an Ideal Pastor?

Is it possible for a mere mortal to meet all the requirements for the ideal pastor?

A Biblical Process for Leading Change

What's the key to facilitating God-ordained changes in your ministry?

Preach the Word Conference

Chip Ingram, Francis Chan, Bishop Claude Alexander, Lance Witt and other speakers will be featured at Preach the Word, a two-day conference for pastors and teachers focused on transformational teaching. The conference will be Oct. 6-7, 2015, at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. Clic

Preaching with Sincerity

What are the things you can do to convey sincerity in your preaching?

Developing Leaders

Developing a good leader might require actions that contradict your current mindset.