Have You Ever Served in a Mean Church?
Every church has its own culture, and sometimes church is mean.
Easter Preaching with Ravi Zacharias
Easter Sunday is the day history changed for the sake of creation.

How to Unlock Generosity in your Church

If it is better to give than receive, how do you convince your congregants this is true?
Back Page Pulpit: Do You Do Windows?
What has technology done for you lately?
The Top Books on Preaching & Preaching Book of the Year
There are only so many books a preacher can read in a year. Start with these.
Tech Trendz: eGiving
Tithing is a worship experience, and the options for how to do are coming to an app near you.
Make the Move: Turn Your Historical Outline into a Sermon
Preachers are called to exegete their listeners, as well as Scripture, and issue a call to action to deliver a sermon with impact.
Preaching Points: Listening, but Never Hearing
Do you listen to understand or to respond?
The Year’s Best Books for Preachers
Books are a key tool of the trade for preachers.
Expositor’s Corner: Putting Faith into Action
Does your faith sit on the couch, or is it active and engaged?

Strategies for Changing a Church

Making changes, perhaps especially in church, where "We've always done it this way," requires strategic thinking.
And Finally: Twizzler Tie-Up on I-70
This Twizzler situation was no sweet deal.