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Below you'll find a library of articles that cover topics like "how to preach", Biblical sermon preparation" and other topics to help you effectively communicate God's Word.
If you're going to steal a stranger's possession, make sure your victim is not in possession of an illegal substance hidden in said possession.
Why are church bulletins so rife with typos? Perhaps these printed mishaps serve to entertain the congregation. That's one way to get their attention.
Is the trembling of the Easter earthquake enough to rouse your attention?
In what frame of mind do you come to the Easter garden? What is your perception of the resurrection?
We serve a God who tells the truth of His grand metanarrative in the form of a story.
By Michael Duduit
It is increasingly being normalized to be distracted in our rapid-paced culture. How does one preach when people are becoming less accustomed to listening?
By Michael Duduit
Sometimes our congregations need guidance and direction from an outside source, an expert. However, what role does that expert need to play in the life of our church?
By Todd Outcalt
Do your congregants hear what you're preaching, or do they hear a message they would prefer to hear? Perhaps they hear what God expects them to hear...if they attuned to Him.
By Danny MacMunn
What do you do when you realize you're in trouble, that all your training isn't going to correct the situation, and you have to make a decision—fast?
By Mike Miller
What would you do for a year's worth of chicken and spuds?
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