Being Thankful for Our Blessings

What do you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday?

5 Things a New Church Should Do

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And Finally Selfie-Approved Mugshot

New technology allows criminals to catch themselves.

The Lion Who Roared: A Reflection About Paris

We do not have to fear the lion that roars when we can rest in the peace of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

5 Ways Churches Vote to Die

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We Represent Another

On what and whom is your focus as your preach?

And Finally Booze at the Zoo

Remember, kids, alcohol and exotic animals could be a deadly combination. Choose wisely.

Pastor Resources Seeks to Educate, Empathize with Ministers and Spouses

Pastor Resources has launched a new website to help the preacher-pastor personally with the daily workload, ministry obligations and familial relationships.

Rick Warren on Integrity

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4 Ways to Keep Teens Listening

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Recognize the Changing Reality

Recognize the changing reality and rediscover what it is to be a missionary communicating the gospel in a pagan culture.

Preacher to Preacher 7 Vital Church Trends and How We Preachers Must Respond

Culture is deteriorating, and we must be prepared to give a godly response.