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Below you'll find a library of articles that cover topics like "how to preach", Biblical sermon preparation" and other topics to help you effectively communicate God's Word.
Like anyone in any profession, a preacher who plans ahead will enjoy reduced stress in the pulpit.
By Joe Buchanan
Since the beginning of human language and communication, we've known the power of words to hurt or heal. How will you choose to communicate?
By Chris Smith
Fathers will do a lot for their daughters, but this dad went to an extreme for his little princess.
Learning to make a solid, profound point rather than circling several good points will help your sermon make a greater impact.
Small details can make an enormous impact in your sermon prep and delivery.
Would you think of serenading predatory wildlife if you were being stalked?
Men's lives are relatively simple...comparatively speaking...
Asking questions makes you more of a leader, not less.
Preaching delivered to the spectrum of education levels
A cup walks into a, wait...a bowl walks into a pub...
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