Reaching A New Generation With The Old, Old Story

A new online role-playing adventure game reaches out to kids with an allegorical adventure that points the gamers to Scriptural truths.

When Ministry Hits a Dead-End

Your dead-end situation is just the beginning of where God will work on your behalf.

5 Signs a Church Needs to Change

"Leading change in the church can only work if it is God-led, God-powered, and God-ordained."

Moving the Audience: Cicero on Preaching

John Duncan draws on the writings of Cicero to advise preachers on Moving the Audience.

Edit That Sermon!

Developing a message, a faithful preacher will come up with far more content than can be used in a single sermon.

Speak Where the Bible Speaks: Can Expository Preaching Intersect with Pressing Cultural Concerns?

In 2015, the American church seems placed in the middle of a never-ending session of bull-in-the-ring, with cultural pressures coming from anywhere at any time.

Burning Bridges: Why Leaders Need to Build Positive Relationships

What can pastors and ministry leaders learn from the collapse of the Ted Cruz campaign?

Preaching Unpopular Truth

It's becoming increasingly important for the church to boldly and clearly proclaim biblical truth, even when it is unpopular.

Steampunk Gospel: Reaching Tween Gamers with Scriptural Truth

Online adventure game The Aetherlight retells the epic story of Scripture in an exciting steampunk world filled with quests, puzzles, crafting and more.

15 Reasons Your Members Are Not Attending Church

Many faithful believers aren't attending church like they used to. Here are some reasons they've stopped showing up on Sunday.

Unto all the world: Missions Comes Home

Because of faithful Christian missionaries, a Korean nation that had virtually no Protestant believers 125 years ago is today about one-quarter Protestant Christians.

Past Masters: John Calvin--Preacher of the Gospel

One of the best-known Reformers was far more passionate about evangelism than he's often presented to be.