What’s Your Business?
As our tools change, so much the way we think about and do our jobs.
And Finally: Seriously, Let It Go
Police poke fun at recent winter weather by "arresting" a popular cartoon character.
Tax Guide for Ministers
As it's been noted, there are only two certainties: death and taxes. Here's help for dealing with taxes.
What Did You Give Up for Lent?
The Lenten season is a time of preparation for Easter, often observed by making a personal sacrifice.
Preaching and Prayer
Preaching cannot be done adequately without the orator being immersed in prayer.
Apologetics Matter
We must be able to articulate what we believe and why we believe it.
And Finally: Tweeting Your Way to Unemployment
Another teenager learns a lesson the hard way.
From the Men in Blue
Cops have to maintain a sense of humor when they're on the job.
As Observed on T-shirts Recently
Humor often is worn well.
And Finally: Pulse Required for Board Members
This one apparently slipped through the cracks...
How Long to Prepare a Sermon?
Planning and preparing a sermon requires a certain amount of time, consideration and dedication from the preacher.
Preaching in a Changing Culture
Change is all around us, including in the pulpit.