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Below you'll find a library of articles that cover topics like "how to preach", Biblical sermon preparation" and other topics to help you effectively communicate God's Word.
Be sure your sin always will find you out.
Does it make you wonder what people are saying about you?
If you were visiting for the first time, would you come back to your church?
What happens to a life when you allow hope to enter?
By Pete Wilson
Expository preaching is the key to a disciple-making preaching ministry.
By Terry Stephens
How do you make your Christmas sermon new for old listeners?
By Michael Duduit
An interview with Al Robertson, pastor and star of “Duck Dynasty.”
By Shaun Helton & Caroline Lusk
What are you doing to help your congregants to live in the present moment rather than be distracted by the myriad demands life places on us?
By Mike Glenn
Preaching for Dummies would be for you, Preacher, not those sitting in your pews.
By Leslie Holmes
An Interview with John Maxwell
By Michael Duduit
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