Preaching God’s Love An Interview with Judah Smith

Pastor Judah Smith talks about his new book Jesus Is_____ in light of God's love.

Preaching on Stewardship An Interview with Dave Ramsey and Chris Brown

How well do your congregants and members manage their financial resources?

Preaching and Money

Money can be a touchy subject, but the subject must be raised with responsibility from the pulpit.

Preachers Beware Words Have Power to Build up and Destroy

How carefully do you choose your words when you speak?

Online Giving It’s the Rage, but What Questions Should I Be Asking

What questions should you ask potential service provider when implementing online tithes and offerings for your church?
Getting God’s Word into You
When we go to God's Word, how do we ensure God's Word comes to live inside us?

Tongues of Fire How The Holy Spirit Transformed the Preaching of Great Evangelists

Our testimonies are connected, faith spreading as does fire.

Expositor's Corner Solemn Assembly

Is your worship time aided by prayers, fasting or a concerted effort geared toward renewal and revival of the body of Christ?

Putting the Cookies on the Lowest Shelf

If you're going to deliver a message, make sure your listeners are able to understand what you have to tell them.

Preacher to Preachers Preaching as Exiles in America

As a Christian, are you beginning to feel alienated within your home country?

Back Page Pulpit What I Meant to Say Was…

Do you ever find yourself stumbling over your words when it's least convenient to do so?

Signs of a Weak Leader

What outward manifestations show your strength or weakness as a leader?