Eye, Eye, Preacher!

Make concerted efforts to make eye contact with your congregants when preaching.

The Preaching 30 30 Who Have Most Influenced Preaching for the Past 30 Years

Anyone who has preached has influenced this method of communicating God's Word, but here are 30 who've excelled in various ways.

Preaching to the Culture An Interview with Robert Jeffress

Preachers are wise to keep an eye on current events and proclaim God's Word from their pulpits.

Preach the Text

Here's a warning about getting sidetracked in your preaching. It's perfectly OK to stick to the text.

Expositor’s Corner The Importance of the Church

Though subordinate to Christ, we have been charged by Him to continue His work and do great things.

Back Page Pulpit Thanks for the Memories and the Future

Looking back at 30 years gives us hope to anticipate a successful future.

Preaching Points Overhearing the Conversation

There are some conversations we cannot help overhearing, and others are brought to us in times of need. Listen well so you're able to help.

4 Reasons to Add Media to Your Website

There are must-have benefits to adding technology to your church's website that will help your church thrive.

Preacher to Preachers Everyone Is Bruce Jenner

Everyone has some area of sin he or she deals with, sometimes in a chronic manner.

Why They Aren’t Listening

Why is your congregation not listening to you, preacher?

Making Memories

What remembrances will you carry with you about family and friends from this summer?

When Great Preaching Goes Bad

Do you love your pastor more than you love Jesus?