Laying Down the Pen

There will come a point in each life when we must resign the pen and allow another to pick it up in our stead.

Is Preaching Your Calling

There are certain evidences that provide proof of whether you should fill a pulpit.

And Finally Playing on Thin Ice

This ostrich definitely won't be playing for the NHL.

The Trend Toward Decentralization

Your local church is likely to be comprised of several local, as well as remote, campuses these days.

3 Steps to Dealing with Conflict

No one likes conflict, but it's inevitable. So, we must find the most effective means of handling conflict.

And Finally: Territorial Female

Gotta love a strong-willed woman.

3 Reasons to Plan Your Preaching

What are the top three advantages to planning ahead for preaching?

3 Reasons People Start Coming to Church

If you didn't grow up in church, what's the primary reason you started attending?

And Finally What a Croc

A displaced crocodile made itself at home in a Florida swimming pool.

Turtle on a Fencepost

We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who've helped us along the way.

4 Steps to Protecting Your Church’s Theological Integrity

Setting the tone early for your organizational expectations helps maintain integrity for the long haul.

Preaching to Inspire Generosity

How might you preach to inspire greater generosity among your congregants?