Preaching Points: The Tone of Preaching

We all know words are important, but how we use those words, our tone and delivery, perhaps carries the greater weight.

Tech Trendz: The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding

Online technology to fund real-life ministry projects could work for your church and outreach efforts, too.

Preparing and Presenting Children’s Sermons

Never underestimate the impact of a children's sermon, but be sure to plan well for it.

Ray Barone Meets Proverbs 31: Preaching on Mothers Day

Be sure to honor all mothers, loving them as Christ loved the church.

Preaching Love, Sex & Marriage: An Interview with Matt Chandler

Pastor and author Matt Chandler speaks from a heart of compassion and experience about topics few preachers address from the pulpit.

Back Page Pulpit: I’d Throw My Hat in the Ring, but I’m Afraid I Wouldn’t Get it Back

Preaching and politics tend not to inhabit the same pulpit, but perhaps there are lessons to be learned here.

Preacher to Preachers: You Can Go Home Again!

Home usually carries a warm connotation, and the good news is you can go home again and again.

The Battle for Health & Weight Loss: Ministry’s Elephant in the Room

How to Stop Sacrificing Your Health & Start Reclaiming Your Vitality as a Healthy Renegade Pastor

From the Pulpit to the Culture

Preachers and pastors should be speaking to influence culture for the kingdom rather than trying to get churches to assimilate.

Preaching Truth When It Hurts

Truth seldom is popular, but we're charged with telling the truth in love.

Making Cultural Missionaries

Addressing the culture in which we find ourselves helps us serve as missionaries wherever we are in the world.

Purpose-Driven Preaching

Will your listeners know what to do about the sermon you preached this week?