New FULLER Studio Offers Hundreds of Free Resources; Bono-Eugene Peterson Film Premieres in Launch

Fuller Seminary launches extensive and exclusive online collection of stories, theology resources, and diverse conversations

What picture of God do you preach?

Speaking at the recent Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Matt Chandler told 10,000 attendees that a healthy awe of God fuels a believer's endurance through personal trials and public opposition.

3 Things Speakers Need to Know

While not targeted at preachers, Nik Morgan offers some solid advice for public speakers.

Tips for Visitor Follow-Up

In an article for, Travis Sinks offers several suggestions for ways to get maximum effectiveness in following up on visitors to your church.

To Write or Not to Write?

A survey of more than 125 pastors asked whether these pastors used a sermon manuscript. Some of the answers were surprising...

An Ounce of Prevention Can Go a Long Way

The most important thing you can do to protect your ministry’s property is to be prepared. These five best practices can help your organization avoid a potentially dangerous and costly situation down the road.

What Worked at Easter

Does your church's outreach strategy take into account changes in cultural norms and practices?

And Finally Maybe Cruisey McCruiseShip

What's in a name...of a cruise ship?

3 New Outreach Realities

Exactly how are successful outreach methods changing?

And Finally Must Be a Tiny Bucket

What would be on your bucket list for a dying pet?

Planning a Year’s Preaching

What methods, devices or practices do you use for planning your preaching calendar?

3 Kinds of Friends You Need

What can you do to change the the fact that pastors are some of the loneliest people due to a lack of close friendships?