6 Ways Your Church Can Grow Now

These 10 tweaks in various areas of ministry can improve your growth pattern overall.

Getting the Most from Your Team

To grow your team, think differently about mentoring your people into leaders.

Leading Now The Golden Touch

Only God can create the right environment and circumstance to turn filth into gold.

Leading Now Leadership Under Fire

One's character is a combination of attributes, and leaders are wise to follow those whose character is honest, courageous and doesn't succumb to popular pressure.

Leading Now A Pastor’s Pain

A true pastor is one who feels compassion for those under his care and is pained when they are pained.
Leading Now: Have No Fear!
We have nothing to fear other than fear and God Himself.

Leading Today: A Story to Tell

Let there be no mystery to the message of Jesus.

Leading Today: Peanuts in Prime Time

Why should taking a stand based on one's morals and convictions strike fear in hearts?

Leading Today: The Pastor’s Stress Test

Preaching and pastoring can be stressful.

No Future—Except the One God Gives You

In what area does your talent lie, and are you using it for the glory or God, perhaps in spite of what people may think about your abilities?

Leading Today: A Work in Progress

Could cultural landmarks remind you of the leadership qualities and attributes of God?

Leading Now: When Murphy Comes Calling

Murphy's Law was active prior to Murphy instituting his theory.