Leading Today: A Story to Tell

Let there be no mystery to the message of Jesus.

Leading Today: Peanuts in Prime Time

Why should taking a stand based on one's morals and convictions strike fear in hearts?

Leading Today: The Pastor’s Stress Test

Preaching and pastoring can be stressful.

No Future—Except the One God Gives You

In what area does your talent lie, and are you using it for the glory or God, perhaps in spite of what people may think about your abilities?

Leading Today: A Work in Progress

Could cultural landmarks remind you of the leadership qualities and attributes of God?

Leading Now: When Murphy Comes Calling

Murphy's Law was active prior to Murphy instituting his theory.

Leading Today: Holiness in Casual Clothes

Holiness doesn’t need to be dressed up to stand out.

Leading Today: The Impossible Dream

Could it be that the best-known and well-loved pieces of literature are considered great because they mimic the Greatest Love Story Ever Told?

Leading Today: Stay with It

Our lives are journeys that will entail struggles and hardships, but will serve to teach us dependence on the Lord.

Leading Today: God’s Majesty Magnified by Our Weakness

People from biblical times seem to have known things that modern folks are only now rediscovering about our world and the Creator God.

Leading Today: Policy and Authenticity

What's your motivation behind being a leader? Is the acclaim, power and prestige; or is a willingness to serve others and empower them to fulfill their callings?

Leading Today: Stay Linked to God’s Word

All the strange exceptions to the rules of English lend an object lesson for learning about Scripture.