Preaching That Leads a Church: An Interview with Ralph Douglas West
By Michael Duduit

Preaching in a Secular Age
By R. Albert Mohler

Preaching and Politics
By David Stokes

Preaching the Big Idea: An Interview with Scott Gibson
By Michael Duduit

A Recipe for Spicy Preaching
By Rod Casey


Why Is There So Much Suffering in the World?
Romans 8:19–22
By Dave Stone

Getting Grace Right: Cheapening Grace
John 8:3–11
By James Emery White


To Illustrate
By J. Michael Shannon

Leading Today
4 Forces That Will Let Your Ministry Soar
By Ron Walters

Preaching Points
The 18-Minute Dilemma
By Mike Glenn

Preacher to Preachers
The Hardest Sermon You’ll Ever Preach
By R. Leslie Holmes

Sermon Briefs

The Preacher’s Bookshelf
By Michael Duduit

Back Page Pulpit
We Are What We Google
By Michael Duduit

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