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Book Reviews

Below you'll find a library of preaching book reviews, covering the best books for pastors and church leaders.
Do we yawn in the face of a holy God? Doesn't His holiness excite any passion among modern church members?
By Chase L. Durham
Ministry is as unstable as any other profession...perhaps more so. Nevertheless, we're all in the same boat together.
If you are seeking tangible evidence, proof of God's personal and affectionate love, perhaps you should try falling in love with Him.
God always gives His best, because that's all He's got to give is the best.
Are you making wise and practical use of the knowledge you've been given?
Simplifying our lives leads to more abundance where it matters.
Often our worst failures lead to our greatest successes.
Paul is a must-know Bible character for any believer, but especially those preaching God's Word.
Atonement is a key doctrine of the Christian faith and is one every follower of Christ would do well to understand.
If you're building your library of leadership resources, this one will prove useful.
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