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Book Reviews

Below you'll find a library of preaching book reviews, covering the best books for pastors and church leaders.
Churches always need to be thinking ahead; nothing remains the same.
Renegade and rebel are not always one the same.
What does Doxology & Theology offer church learders? Keep reading to learn more.
By Benjer McVeigh
Men, what are you fighting for, and what is worth your fight?
By Chase Durham
Updated version of Donald Whitney's Spiritual Disciplines...
Preaching to Connect Truth to Life: The Power of Narrative
In what ways are your sermons serving as pointers, directing your listeners to Jesus and His gospel?
By Michael Duduit
In any church plant, there are certain things that always must be done.
Everyone has his or her own unique style, and the same is true of leadership.
Exactly how is worship portrayed, discussed and dealt with in the Old Testament?
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