Book Reviews
The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry
The first years of pastoring are not without their challenges, but here's a dose of wisdom and encouragement.
A Vision for Preaching
Do your vision for preaching and heart for ministry align?
The Imperfect Pastor
We are called to be like Christ, not perfect, which allows us the freedom to find joy in our weaknesses.
Unburdened The Christian Leader’s Path to Sexual Integrity
Admitting one's struggles is the first step in defeating them before they defeat you.
Glory Days
Max Lucado's most recent book can help you understand why your best days lie ahead of you.
The Secret Life of a Pastor
What treasures of wisdom and encouragement lie within the secret lives led by preachers and pastors?
No Matter What Abiding in God’s Faithfulness
Regardless of our situations or circumstances, God remains faithful to us.
God’s Crime Scene
Using modern techniques of crime solving, learn how a former atheist deduced God is who He says He is.
Voice of God Shaping Sermons Like Scripture
Does your preaching dance around the biblical text, or does it engage God's Word?
Preaching by Ear: Speaking God’s Truth from the Inside Out
The new resource emphasizes the importance of sermons being written for listeners rather than readers.
Paul’s Theology of Preaching
We all have a theology, but do we ever consider the theologies the apostles held or why their theologies are important?
Gaining by Losing Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send
What does it mean to be a sending church, and how can yours become one in pursuit of fulfilling the great commission?