Book Reviews
No Matter What Abiding in God’s Faithfulness
Regardless of our situations or circumstances, God remains faithful to us.
God’s Crime Scene
Using modern techniques of crime solving, learn how a former atheist deduced God is who He says He is.
Voice of God Shaping Sermons Like Scripture
Does your preaching dance around the biblical text, or does it engage God's Word?
Preaching by Ear: Speaking God’s Truth from the Inside Out
The new resource emphasizes the importance of sermons being written for listeners rather than readers.
Paul’s Theology of Preaching
We all have a theology, but do we ever consider the theologies the apostles held or why their theologies are important?
Gaining by Losing Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send
What does it mean to be a sending church, and how can yours become one in pursuit of fulfilling the great commission?
Can These Bones Live A Practical Guide to Church Revitalization
Though there are times when churches and the members therein are lifeless, God specializes in resurrection.
Inside Job Doing the Work Within the Work
As a leader, do you think it's your job to do more? Do you take points off your personal score when you rest?
Stronger How Hard Times Reveal God's Greatest Power
Do your difficulties, more than your ease, point you to God's power?
Urban Legends of the New Testament
We've often heard things in culture and wondered if it stemmed from the Bible or simply not known it originated in the Word of God, so this resource will prove useful for sorting out historical truth.
Life as Worship When Reverence Defines Reality
It's often said worship is not an event, but is a lifestyle.
Paul’s Theology of Preaching The Apostles Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth
What was the apostle Paul's perspective on preaching God's Truth?