Book Reviews
Prayers and Promises for Worried Parents
Parents can focus on God's faithfulness as they rear their children.
The Community of Jesus: A Theology of the Church
Jesus lived in community, and so should we.

Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation

D.A. Carson's recent release calls for reform in one's spiritual development.

The First Chapters of Everything: How Genesis 1-4 Explains Our World

Consider the opening chapters of texts within the Bible. They are front matter for a reason.

Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World

It is our everyday faith that will make a positive mark on the world.

The Church According to Paul: Rediscovering the Community Conformed to Christ

Do moderns have the same concept of what church is and is supposed to be as the apostle Paul?

Raw Spirituality: The Rhythms of the Jesus Life

What part are you in the body of Christ, and are you exercising your giftedness as God intended for you to do in service to Him?

Next Up: Eight Great Shifts Young Leaders Make

Milllennials as leaders might be difficult for Boomers to accept, but this one is proving himself.

Peace Catalysts: Resolving Conflict in our Families, Organizations and Communities

Are you a bringer and bearer of peace?

Redefining Leadership: Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders

"Who do you think you are?" basically is the question every leader from Moses to you asks internally. This resource will help you discover a healthy and honest answer to that question.

Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times

Where in the world is the church going? Perhaps we've entered a new season of Dark Ages to show us how to move toward the light.

Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Disengagement

As we all seek to hyperconnect, we're increasingly disconnected and disengaged. This resource can help.