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Book Reviews

Below you'll find a library of preaching book reviews, covering the best books for pastors and church leaders.
Who are the Nones, and how do we minister to those who claim no religious affliation?
As the American melting pot opens wider for people of greater diversity, Christians have a witnessing opportunity to minister to Muslims in their midst.
Sports analogies seem to fit leadership and business principles well. In this volume, the authors seek to help leaders run the bases in proper order.
By Larry Lindquist
Were you created to lead? Perhaps your style differs from that of other leaders you know, but your style might be exactly what your followers need.
By Larry Lindquist
If you're seeking one volume in which many voices share their expertise, this resource would prove useful to you.
By Larry Lindquist
You do a lot of things to take care of yourself: eat, sleep, exercise, make sure your clothes are clean and that your family is cared for...When and how do you tend to your own soul, though?
Discipleship is a self-perpetuating practice, the best and healthiest pyramid scheme ever conceived.
If you're seeming a commentary on the Book of Galatians, here's one by Todd Wilson in the Preaching the Word Series.
This commentary on the Book of Galatians by Douglas Moo is an excellent resource that refers heavily to the original Greek.
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