Book Reviews
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
This resource boasts a wide variety of uses for the preaching pastor.
Fool’s Talk Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion
This is an engaging resource regarding Christ and culture.
Preaching with Accuracy Finding Christ-Centered Big Ideas for Biblical Preaching
Does Jesus hold front-and-center stage in your preaching?
Recapturing the Voice of God Shaping Sermons Like Scripture
When you preach, does the Bible dictate your message or vaguely influence what you say?
Preaching The Art of Narrative Exposition
The late Calvin Miller was an extraordinary storyteller, and this resource from him will prove helpful in your expository preaching.
Craddock on the Craft of Preaching
Preaching is its own art form, for which the more resources you have at hand, the better.
Preaching Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism
How does one expect to be heard on matters of faith when doubt is so prevalent?
The Reason for God Belief in an Age of Skepticism
While faith pleases God, there's also a good bit of reason behind believing not only that He's real but also is active in the world for good.
Christ-Centered Preaching
This classic strives to help you keep Christ in the middle of your message.
Between Two Worlds
Here's guidance for living between the now and the not-yet.
George Whitefield—America’s Spiritual Founding Father
A new biography of George Whitefield is now available.
The Crucified King—Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology
Christ our King took on the role of suffering Servant that we might have eternal life through Him.